SBAC and Reboot Illinois Town Hall

SBAC and Reboot Illinois Town Hall and Mobilization Event

Illinois politicians still have not passed a budget. Our politicians’ inability to reach a compromise and pass a responsible budget is having a devastating impact on the Illinois economy and driving the state deeper into debt. It is also causing remarkable uncertainty in the small business community and driving entrepreneurs out of our state. Our politicians’ refusal to resolve the Springfield stalemate is also hurting non-profits, college students and causing many others to endure unnecessary pain.

Take part in this mass mobilization event hosted by the SBAC and Reboot Illinois (a non-partisan media outlet with almost 110,000 Facebook followers). Join the small business community, non-profits and other leaders to send a strong message to politicians:  Pass a responsible budget and enact the reforms necessary to revive the Illinois economy.

This will be completely non-partisan. Share your story, participate in a constructive dialogue about the stalemate, and take action. We will be using a Reboot application where everyone will easily be able to reach out to their elected officials and urge them to end the stalemate in Springfield.

The event will also be live-streamed so that folks can get together, watch and participate interactively from different locations. It should be exciting to see the small business community mobilize and speak with a strong, non-partisan voice.

Date: Wednesday, February 10th

Time: 5pm-7:30pm

Location:Roosevelt University, Congress Lounge, 430 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago


Event Price

This event is free to attend, please click here to register.


  • Elliot Richardson, Co-CEO of Small Business Advocacy Council
  • Jason Tremblay, Board Member of GOA Regional Business Association
  • Amara Enya, Executive Director of Austin Chamber of Commerce
  • Steve Banke, Founder & CEO 3 Points LLC
  • Scott Baskin, SBAC Executive Board Member
  • Victor Miceli, CEO of DesPlaines Office Equipment
  • Neli Vazquez Rowland, President/Co-founder of A Safe Haven Foundation
  • Sara Dinges, President/CEO of Uptown United
  • Vasco L. Bridges III, Executive Director of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
  • Mark Glennon, Managing Director of Ninth Street Advisors