SBAC District Advocates

District advocates help build the SBAC’s advocacy base by creating and sustaining an ongoing working relationship with government officials. By forming permanent relationships with our government officials, we can more successfully address the political issues that impact this community at the local, state and federal levels.

The SBAC will assist these efforts by providing guidance and support via monthly newsletters, requests for action, talking points, marketing materials and trainings.

District Advocates:

  • Create and sustain relationship with local state representative and senator
  • Build support for policy initiatives of the SBAC
  • Have direct communication with elected officials including one in-person meeting during session
  • Respond to a high percentage of SBAC requests for action and support activities through social media
  • Attend policy committee meetings


  • Ability to help advance small business advocacy initiatives
  • Access to government officials and business leaders across the Chicagoland area
  • Opportunity to expand your networking circle
  • Ability to represent the SBAC at events
  • Ability to testify before the General Assembly on small business issues

For any questions, please contact Ryan Tolley at

Special thanks to our SBAC District Advocates!

Dwayne Hirsch, Eric VanNess, Marty Bracco, Mark Calonder, David Camp, Scott Baskin, Don Kindwald, Iris Marreck, Gail Glasser, Ron Cowgill, Jeff Hornstein, Paul Detlefs, Alexandra Eidenberg, Neale Williams, Larry Minutillo, Jim Scordo, Susan Mravca, Linda Ehlers, Jim Thompson, Tim Hogan, Benn Jackson, Michael Gunderson, Jerry Greenen, Al Katz, Amy Langfelder, Chuck Scharenberg, Dave Broz, Todd Wilcox, Steven Brooks, Phil Gafka, Victor Miceli, Karen Kelly, Evan Crum, Melissa Ryzy, Alan Wolan, Andy Vass, Mark Milstein, Dave Lawrence, Mark Cohen, Eric Zitron, Anup Manchanda, Cynthia Harris, Jim Smith, Larry Hill, Trish Glees, Chris Higgins, Dee Reinhart, Randy Tylin, Scott Sinclair, Len Janeski, Harry McCabe, Gary Glenn, Neil Rochlani, Brad Rosen, Dina Derman, Kaili Harding, Cyrus Walker, Don Hill, Adam Diamond, Pete Eddington, Barbara Ellis-Racic, Amara Enya, David Hinderliter, Alethia Hummel, Terry Anderson, Michael Edgar, Steven Smith