SBAC Economic Development Ordinance Passes in City Hall

One of the SBAC’s signature legislative victories in 2018 was the passage of SB2436, which amended the archaic Liquor Control Act of 1934 that previously prohibited the sale of alcohol within 100 feet of a religious institution, school, hospital or military station. For additional details on this legislation and the associated media coverage, check out the SBAC overview here.

Now that this is the law of the land, local municipalities, including the City of Chicago, must engage to determine the process and restrictions that best serve their businesses and residents. On Thursday, April 4th, SBAC CEO, Scott Baskin, testified before the City Council Committee on License and Consumer protection in favor of moving Ordinance 2018-7001 forward. This would give authority to the Local Liquor Control Commissioner to grant exemptions for establishments seeking a liquor license within a 100 feet of the above highlighted institution. This process incorporates feedback from the local alderman, the impacted institution, and the community, while also taking into account the current and previous activities at that location.

Ordinance 2018-7001 passed in City Council by an overwhelming vote of 42-4 on April 10th. Effective immediately upon passage, businesses can apply for an exemption with the Local Liquor Commissioner rather than going to the state legislature and introducing a bill for the exemption. If granted the exemption, the business will still need to go through the previous liquor licensing requirements that exist in Chicago.

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