SBAC Instills Importance of Advocacy in Our Members

Earlier this month, more than twenty SBAC members and leadership made the trip to Springfield to advocate for the small business community. The focus of the trip was concrete advocacy – educating elected officials about our agenda and how moving these policy initiatives forward will spark economic growth in Illinois.

Two of the members in attendance were Barb Morgan-Browning and Marc Hertz – the founders of One Complete Business. The trip inspired them to produce an episode of their weekly podcast focused on advocacy:

Do you get hot mad around certain issues? Is there a new tax, fee, or regulation that is impacting your business? Do you wish you had a voice in developments in your community? It’s easy to feel powerless and frustrated and like nothing you do will make a difference. But it is possible to create change. This week we lay out why it’s important for us to use our voices to advocate for our needs as citizens and business owners. Listen along as we talk about our visit to our state capitol for Lobby Day with the Small Business Advocacy Council.

You can listen to the full podcast here.