SBAC Named to Lightfoot Transition Committee

The SBAC is constantly working to empower small businesses and move local, state and federal initiatives that will improve our economy.  We were engaged in the Chicago Mayoral race and thankful our efforts helped put small business issues on the radar of the candidates.  Now that the election is over, we are excited that SBAC President, Elliot Richardson, was appointed to Mayor-Elect Lightfoot’s Good Governance Transition Committee. 

Elliot is actively participating on that Committee and we recently submitted a memo to the transition team. This memo advocates for eliminating the requirement that public way use permits for simple signs be approved by the Chicago City Council (less than 12 inches/non-electronic signs).  There is no logical reason a public way use permit for a simple sigh must be approved by the City Council.  Our memo also argues these public way use permits should be automatically renewed every five years for signs that are not changed. 

In a broader sense, we are arguing there is no reason for City Council to spend time dealing with administrative functions. Moreover, we are advocating that politics be removed from such things as approving public way use permits for simple signs.  To read the full proposal, please click here.

Our memo also argues the City of Chicago should eliminate the need for business owners to attend administrative hearings after receiving certain citations should they be willing to simply pay their fines.  We have worked with the City to do this with ten citations and will be looking to expand the number of applicable citations. 

We look forward to working with a coalition of strong business groups on additional reforms that will empower Chicago businesses and local communities.