SBAC Partners with Resolute Strategic Services

SBAC has partnered with Resolute Strategic Services (RSS), a risk-analysis and cybersecurity advisory firm under the elite stewardship of Ron Moultrie, former National Security Agency’s (NSA) Director of Operations.

The RSS team of trusted advisors offers real-world experience to the C-suite and boards in business, non-profit and public sector who need a strategic, holistic approach to assessing organizational risk, understanding cybersecurity vulnerabilities and managing an organization’s digital transformation.

RSS created a FREE CyberSecurity App exclusively for SBAC members as one of our Affinity Programs. The app contains critical information and best practices regarding system security, cyber hygiene practices, alerts for cyber threats, and access to real-time incident response support.

Download the free app on your iOS or Android device today. Take the self-assessment to understand the state of cybersecurity in your organization.