SBAC Testifies on Economic Policy in Springfield

The Small Business Advocacy Council will be in Springfield on March 30th to testify on economic policy. Ryan Tolley, SBAC Advocacy Director, and Anthony Zeoli, Partner with Freeborn & Peters, will be testifying on legislation and initiatives that will empower the small business community, improve our states economy and begin changing the perception of Illinois small business climate.

Through proposed reforms that encourage investment into local communities and small businesses, we can level the playing field for the small business community and help create an economic environment for small businesses to thrive.

As the Illinois budget stalemate continues past the two-year mark, it is vital that small business owners are represented and that legislators are educated and informed on the uncertainty facing the small business community. The SBAC has proposed a number of common-sense, responsible reforms that can spark Illinois’ economy. We look forward to providing a voice for the small business community and having a seat a table at such an important time for the state of Illinois.

Check our social media accounts and SBAC News for updates about our testimonies to the Revenue Committee and Business Growth & Incentives Committee.


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