SBAC Town Hall Recap- Take Action!

Illinois has been operating without a budget for eleven months. This political standoff is hurting small businesses, non-profits, local communities, college students and many others throughout the state. We held a Town Hall meeting in partnership with ten other business organizations and Reboot Illinois. During the meeting, we called on our elected officials to pass a responsible budget and make the reforms necessary to revive the Illinois economy.
We also discussed the prospect of mobilizing our small businesses and local communities to send a non-partisan, unified message to our elected officials. We talked about a collective Call to Action. Folks from the SBAC, Chicago Southland area chambers, and Reboot Illinois have been and will be e-mailing their legislators and demanding an end to the budget impasse. We hope you can participate as well.
We ask that you take one minute to contact elected officials from both parties and demand an end to the destructive political stalemate that continues to hurt the Illinois economy. Below is a link that will allow you to contact legislators and top officials to make your voice heard. You can also personalize the message and share stories about how the budget impasse is impacting you. It is no problem if you need to get the message out at a later time. While we are aiming to have a flurry of activity around 10:00am, getting these e-mails to legislators at any time will have a huge impact.
We would also like to share articles published in Reboot Illinois and the Daily Southtown about the Town Hall.
Finally, for those interested in watching the full Town Hall footage, click here.