SBAC Venture Pitch Companies Selected for August 17th Event!

We are excited to announce the three Pitch Companies for our Venture Pitch Session on August 17th: ChoreRelief, StreaMD, and SideKick!

To register and find out more information about the event, please click here. Attendees at the event have the opportunity to hear from these companies as well as meet with them following the presentations. Also, included in the event is keynote speech from Robert Blackwell, CEO of Killerspin & EKI Communications.






Our online platform & mobile apps connect consumers with service providers with the ability to do chores and small projects such as cleaning, handiwork, and yard work around your home office etc. Name your price, set the time and sit back and relax while we get the job done. Click here to learn more.






THE SIMPLEST WAY TO ENHANCE PATIENT ENGAGEMENT. We’ve developed an SMS-based patient experience that combines engagement, education and empathy. Patients receive the appropriate information at the most critical time points of their care. Click here to learn more!






Sidekick’s intelligent digital assistant allows high school teachers to turn current problems of corporate partners into standards-aligned, personalized curricula in seconds. We source relevant, real-time projects from our bank of corporate partners, match them to curriculum standards using proprietary machine ontology learned algorithms, and curate them in an easy-to-search format for teachers who then select a project, modify the pre-developed project plan to their preference and run it in class.  Click here to learn more.