Member to Senator letter on HB3236

Dear Senator,

One of the high costs of doing business in Illinois is the cost of health insurance.

Big businesses get good rates. But small businesses like mine end up paying a lot more for the same insurance – and many small businesses just can’t afford it.

I’m asking you to co-sponsor a small business bill in the Senate during the veto session. HB 3236 has already passed the House, but got stuck in the Insurance Committee in May because the health insurance companies opposed it. I hope you’ll support the bill despite the insurance companies’ opposition and stand with small businesses that need affordable health insurance.

HB 3236 would let small businesses and individuals join together in a non-profit co-operative to create our own health insurance pool. This co-op, modeled after very successful non-profit organizations in Minnesota and Wisconsin, would provide an alternative to the for-profit health insurance companies that are killing small businesses with their high rates. The system is simply not working for small business. The time to act is now.

The Small Business Advocacy Council (of which I am a member) has joined forces with other chambers of commerce and business associations in support of the bill. The bill is sponsored by Senator Jeff Schoenberg and will hopefully be heard on the floor during veto session, as it has passed the House already.

Would you co-sponsor HB 3236? Please let me know if you will.

Thank you for your consideration and please do help small businesses like mine get affordable health insurance.