Setting a 10% State Procurement Setaside for Small Businesses

On August 12th, 2011, Gov. Quinn signed House Bill 3186 into law. The SBAC inspired bill created a small business set aside program for all state procurement contracts. The program provides that at least 10% of the total dollar amount of state procurement contracts will be set as a goal to be awarded to small businesses. The law also includes guidelines for the creation of plans to reach that goal and annually reporting of implementation.

Procurement Assistance

Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Centers provide one-on-one counseling, technical information, marketing assistance and training to existing businesses that are interested in selling their products and/or services to local, state, or federal government.

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Services Include:

  • Help training appropriate government agencies
  • Automated bid lead matching services
  • Access to government specifications and standards
  • Guidance with quality assurance issues
  • Assistance with certifications
  • Identification of Sub-contracting opportunities
  • Government Standards and Specifications
  • Bar Code and Packaging Information
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • UID (Unique Identification)
  • Contract Administration Information
  • Central Contractor Registration Assistance
  • Review of Bid Packages

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