Springfield Recap

Approximately 30 small business advocates arrived in Springfield and immediately began meeting with legislators from both sides of the aisle. We met with the Governor and an array of legislators to discuss the budget impasse. We also had very productive meetings with the Lieutenant Governor and the Director of the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity about legislation focused on stimulating the economy and empowering small businesses.

Senator Castro updated us on her efforts to move legislation ensuring products sold by large online companies are subject to the same sales tax as goods sold by our local retailers. This will level the playing field for Illinois’ small businesses and provide the state with much-needed revenue. The SBAC also advocated for non-partisan workers’ compensation reform, constitutional pension reform and lowering fees that curtail the growth of our small businesses.

We left Springfield even more dedicated to fight for an end to the budget impasse and motivated to pass legislation laser-focused on improving the economic climate for Illinois’ small businesses.