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Why Am I Not Getting Leads From My Online Marketing Efforts?

People always wonder why their efforts online have not translated into actual leads, sales, or any sort of new business opportunity. Typically, they will have a decent social media community. They will rank pretty high on Google and Bing. Some businesses use webinars and live seminars or workshops to draw people into their qualified sales funnel. One of the biggest problems companies face when converting suspects to prospects and prospects to clients is their websites. Their websites can lack the eye catching appeal potential clients subconsciously desire. In some circumstances it is the messaging on the website. There are many occasions where it is both those characters that work against their business development efforts. However, the real issue besides the website that we are going to focus in on in this post, is the lack of CTA’s or call to actions.

Where to put your Call to Actions or CTA’s?
Many people do not have the right call to actions on their website and their blogs. Having strong call to actions is the determining factor that takes a person that is just looking and turns them into a full-blown prospect. When you can capture a person’s information, you are taking the ball out of their court and putting into yours. You begin to control the situation. Ask any good sales person which position of the chessboard they rather be on, the side that is defenseless or the side moving aggressively towards the end result. We are all in a sales role in some way, shape or form. We must ask for the sale or at least ask for permission to continue to provide value to that prospect in the high probability that when the time comes for that person to commit to using a service or product such as yours, they will not forget you. In fact by getting them to take a call to action, you are significantly increasing your chances of gaining your next client.

Success or Failure
Ask yourself, are people allowing me to further follow up with them by providing more educational information? Or are people just using me for their own selfish needs without allowing me to even be considered a partner in their efforts to use a service or product such as mine. A good strategy with strong call to actions that sit on your website and blog will be the determining factor between keeping your business stagnant or deciding to grow. Which side of the coin do you want your business to be on?


Brandon Lewin is the VP of Image Perspective. Image Perspective is a full service integrated marketing agency that specializes in taking businesses to the next level. Brandon has been speaking, writing, and consulting on all areas on marketing for over five years. He and the team at Image Perspective work with companies of all sizes and all industries throughout the United States to help them gain as many clients/customers as they possibly desire. Contact Brandon at brandon@imageperspective.com.