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How to boost your business’s energy efficiency and cash in on incentives

Did you know you can lower your energy costs and receive cash incentives for replacing or upgrading existing equipment and systems? 

The 2007 Illinois Power Agency Act required ComEd and other electric utilities in the state to establish energy efficiency and demand response goals. To meet this mandate, ComEd developed and launched a suite of energy-efficiency solutions called Smart Ideas – including cash incentives – to help commercial and industrial customers use energy more efficiently.

Knowing that lighting represents 60% of your business’ electrical expenses, upgrading your indoor and outdoor lighting to a more efficient solution is one of the best ways to decrease your energy expenses.

LED lighting, in addition to Metal Halide Lighting, fluorescent lighting, induction lighting, sensors, controls and outdoor signage, are all eligible for incentives from ComEd. Incentives are on a dollars-per-unit-installed basis and range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per unit.

The great potential of LED efficiency and long life has caused manufacturers to devote considerable resources to improving processes and costs, and develop new applications. With their unique characteristics, including low profile, lower energy consumption, good performance in cold environments and breakage resistance, LED lighting is well-suited to a variety of indoor and outdoor signage.

One way businesses can take advantage of LED efficiency is by replacing incandescent exit signs, which operate continuously, with LED exit signs. It’s a pretty fast and inexpensive project, with even smaller buildings realizing solid energy savings. A typical exit sign’s electricity consumption drops from about 40 watts to 5 watts, saving 300 kilowatts per sign each year.

The time is now to boost your energy efficiency – you can’t afford not to!  

For more information about high-efficiency lighting solutions and a free quote, contact Tom Heskin with Brilliant Electric, Heating & Cooling at tomheskin@ameritech.net.