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An Introduction to Cloud Computing and Its Benefits

Data security is important to anyone who has ever sent an email, uploaded a photo, or started their own business. The data of a business is its foundation. Without data, there is no business. Obviously, producing, keeping and protecting data is important to any business owner and employee. When working on the cloud, there are two aspects of security that you must keep in mind: physical and virtual.

One of the most attractive features of working with a cloud computing company is that your information is stored in secure, off-site locations. For many companies, this is a blessing in disguise. Your IT system, including all of the sensitive data, is no longer sitting on servers and desktops in your office where it’s easily accessed by employees. There is no longer a threat to your IT system from disasters such as fire, flood, burglary, or being down due to a power outage. For companies who haven’t yet joined the cloud, moving their IT system
off-site can be a point of tension. The servers and desktops are being migrated to a secure off-site location called a data center, a location
most customers never visited and is accessed only through an encrypted internet connection. This can be a little intimidating for those who are not yet familiar with the physical and virtual security advantages a data center provides.

The first benefit to the cloud is physical security. There are many data centers scattered throughout the entire country. If you were wondering why you have never seen one, they are designed in such a way to be inconspicuous and often look like warehouses from the outside. They are also in fairly remote locations. The data centers of reputable companies where cloud servers and desktops reside have 24/7/365 security and live video surveillance. For example, with Adar IT’s data centers, in order to gain access into the data centers, you must be a verified and vetted agent of the company. Once inside the data centers, you must surrender your photo ID to be presented with a keycard. Next, a biometric hand scanner is used to open the first door which then leads into a security booth with another security door on the other side. After the first door closes, the key card is used to open the second. The data centers also have multiple power lines, multiple internet service providers, and fire and flood suppression to help ensure that you can always access your Cloud IT system. (If you are in the market for a cloud computing technology company, be sure to ask about their security.)

The second and perhaps the most important benefit to the cloud is virtual security.
You need a technology company that offers the best in class firewall, encryption, antivirus, anti-spam, and anti-malware protection. In addition to these technologies, you want your entire system to be backed
up every two hours. This means that all the data that is produced by your company is copied and saved every two hours, in case of emergency. There should be additional security as well. For instance, every two
hours Adar IT sends a copy of customers’ data to a second secure data center facility. All of these features provide the customer with a multifaceted approach to security and backup.

In addition, accessing your cloud desktop from your personal laptop, iPad or Smart Monitor needs to be handled with extreme security. Your provider should leverage an SSL Encryption which ensures that all data passed between the Cloud and an access device remains private. This technology is used when a customer uses a Smart Monitor, laptop, or iPad
to access their cloud desktop. Additionally, the data connection should be protected through a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. This network
allows you to connect safely and securely to all the data sitting on your cloud desktop and server. (Be sure to ask about virtual security if you’re interviewing technology companies for cloud computing services.)

Although cloud technology can be confusing and sometimes even intimidating, the technology company you choose should make the service convenient and simple to use. They should also understand how sensitive and important your data is, and use the best solutions to ensure that it is untouched, uncorrupted, and unthreatened by disasters, including

Rita Polevoy is Social Media Marketer for Adar IT, a provider of private, cloud-based IT solutions to businesses and healthcare providers. Rita is responsible for keeping readers and customers informed about the latest cloud computing scoop using social media, email marketing, and a blog. Contact Rita directly at: rpolevoy@adarit.com