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Boost Your Heart Health

Heart disease kills more men and women every year worldwide than the next five diseases combined! Here are some tips to keep you heart healthy:

1. Get active and stay active; take 30 minutes five times a week or more to get some wonderful exercise. Set a healthy heart-rate target and enjoy the movement!

2. Veggies! They are so good for your heart. Don’t be a stranger to the produce section of your local market.

3. Drink plenty of water. The body dehydrates quickly, often before we even feel thirsty.

4. Keep your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels in check with regular screenings.

5. Control your cholesterol by eating very little processed sugars and starches. Need something sweet? Two servings of whole fruit each day can satisfy that in a healthy way.

6. Get a good night’s sleep. Instead of staying up to watch the Late Show, go hit the sack. If you are struggling to get a healthy amount of sleep, see a doctor for some help. Your heart will thank you.

7. If you smoke, stop; it’s the best thing you can do for your heart.

8. Stop stress in its tracks by making time for activities that you find relaxing. Exercise also helps with stress (see list item #1 above).

9. Talk to your health care provider about your heart disease risk facts at your next checkup.

10. Supplement your diet with Omega-3 fatty acids, and Coenzyme Q10 as these ensure an adequate supply of energy and nutrition for your body’s most important muscle – your heart.

Jean LaVallie is a Wellness Coordinator and independent distributor for Synergy Worldwide, a mother of four grown children, and loves to help others live a healthier life. She is creating a network of Alternative Health professionals in the Chicago area: Cardiovascular Wellness Chicago. This network of doctors and health practitioners will have a component of cardiovascular disease prevention, education and screenings. Contact Jean directly at healthwithjean@gmail.com.

New SBAC Wellness Subcommittee Motivates Healthier Lifestyles

OK I admit it. I don’t always make the right choices in regard to my health. It’s been over a week since I’ve been to the gym, and last night I fell victim – admittedly, a willing victim – to a double scoop sundae drenched in hot fudge, whipped cream and nuts.

But that doesn’t mean that every health choice has to be the wrong choice. Because I’ve seen far too many family members, friends and co-workers struggle with chronic diseases and other medical challenges that often began with poor health habits; I simply can’t disregard the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

And as small business owners, I’m guessing you also struggle with making healthy choices when you’re working around the clock managing your business and balancing your personal life. But as rising health care costs continue to slam small businesses, it’s important that we all start to understand the positive impact healthy lifestyles can have on our bottom line, both physically and financially.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you the creation of the Small Business Advocacy Council Wellness Subcommittee. The Subcommittee, led by Mark Beier, owner of Chicago Fit Club, will focus on finding ways to incorporate wellness and healthy living in order to improve members’ health, with an ultimate goal of reducing health insurance costs.

Other members of the committee include:

  • Ryan Holst, Alper Services
  • Dr. Jeremy Bonsol, Aligned Modern Health
  • Elizabeth Wallish, Dare 2 Care Now
  • Iris Marreck, iris b. branding & communications
  • Irina Fursman, Owner of Comfy Gourmet

So for those of us who want to incorporate better health habits but maybe need a gentle reminder every now and then about how to improve our diet and health on a day-to-day basis, the Wellness Subcommittee will do exactly that through the implementation of these five strategic initiatives:  

  • Member Communication through Monthly Wellness Newsletters
  • Focus on Healthy Restaurants for select SBAC weekly breakfast and lunch meetings to introduce healthy and tasty alternatives eating to SBAC members.
  • Discounted Health and Wellness Services offered by SBAC members through implementation of a Marketplace Website
  • Discounted Local Fitness Services and Memberships offered by SBAC members
  • Health and Wellness Summit to bring together experts in the fields of health and wellness, insurance and healthcare, and provide SBAC members with an awesome one-day event to focused on self-care.

The January Wellness e-newsletter has already been posted and offers interesting health care statistics and realistic ways to incorporate healthy living in our busy schedules. Make sure you opt-in to this newsletter by emailing snomme2@uic.edu to receive valuable health information each month.

If you’re a fast-food junkie or just looking for some healthier restaurant alternatives, check out the SBAC Web Site Events page for a list of SBAC breakfast and lunch meetings that will be held at healthy restaurants both downtown and in the suburbs.

Tune in to the Wellness e-newsletter, the blog, and the web site to learn more as the wellness events and other initiatives are implemented throughout the year.

Because more than likely every future choice we make in regard to diet and exercise won’t be the right one, but every opportunity we can take to educate ourselves, other SBAC members, and our employees about improving our lifestyles and wellness will encourage a more productive work force and long-term longevity. And keeping those long-term goals in mind might be just the motivation I need to ignore my next craving for that double-scoop sundae! Hopefully they will incent you to improve your health habits as well.