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2015 Trends For The Digital Marketing Industry

With a new year comes new trends, and this includes trends within the digital marketing industry. Here, ParadigmNEXT, a digital marketing agency in Chicago, outlines what marketers, businesses and consumers can expect to see in 2015 when it comes to digital marketing.


1.Content Creation: More businesses are starting to realize the importance of content and its effect on creating a dedicated community of brand loyalists and followers. Content creation will continue to thrive in the form of original videos, digital publications and more.

2.Mobile First: With the continued rise of mobile technology, businesses are investing more in the user experience, making mobile their first priority in their digital presence. While leveraging mobile apps and the user experience, businesses will be more equipped to provide what their customers need in 2015.

3.Personalization: A heightened use of algorithms in 2015 will take personalization to a new level. Location targeting and beacon technology will be used to deliver a consumer experience that will anticipate and respond to the needs of the consumer him/herself.

4.Location Search: As more content is geotagged, location search will inevitably become more valuable. Search engines will not only find what is relevant to you, but they will also be able to tell you what or who is near you.

5.On Demand Delivery: With the advancement of GrubHub and PeaPod, other B2C businesses have jumped on the bandwagon and are now looking for ways in which they can seamlessly deliver goods via a mobile application.

6.Positive Virality: Emotional content drives shares. The positive moments, videos, quotes, etc. are contagious. For businesses, this is an excellent opportunity for them to demonstrate customer appreciation through a video that shows emotions.

7.Pinterest: With their high engagement and traffic, Pinterest has a major ad opportunity particularly for e-commerce. Pinterest has the consumer base that B2C businesses are looking to reach, making Pinterest the “it” social network of 2015. We’re exciting to see what’s to come with them!

8.Wearable Technology: The fitness industry has dominated this category, but with the latest development of iOS 8’s HealthKit, more fitness apps and athletic brands will work to integrate it into what they provide their consumers.

9.Mobile Pay: Driven by millennials which make up the biggest mobile spenders, wallets will be a thing of the past. Mobile pay apps like Venmo or Square will now exist for brands themselves, like Starbucks and Amazon Prime.

10.Digital Security: Passwords are no longer considered the safest method of protecting your digital space and devices. Now with fingerprint, and even heartbeat sensors, digital security will continue to improve in 2015.


With these 10 predictions for 2015, you are now on your way to revisiting and preparing for what digital marketing will bring in 2015. Resolve to evolve your marketing strategy in 2015!

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