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Fat is Good for You

Everything in moderation, yeah right! Once you start eating the “Good Stuff” it’s so hard to stop. You go on a diet and that works for a couple weeks, you feel great and then you say, “I’ll just have one,” and it’s down hill from there. Diet means your daily intake of food. You can be on a healthy diet or an unhealthy diet. Diet does not mean starving yourself. Why can’t the good stuff mean healthy stuff? I have many recipes that are amazingly tasty and healthy that I love to share.

Fat serves an extremely important purpose in the human body. Our society is on such a kick of fat free and low fat foods, but instead of these foods doing good they are doing harm. The reason these foods are so bad is because when you take the fat out of your food, you are left with no or little taste. No one will buy something that tastes bad, so the food manufacturers pack food with sugars and artificial sweeteners. They get away with this because most people aren’t nutritionally educated enough to read the ingredients and understand; they just see “fat free” on the packaging, and buy the product. What they don’t know is the added sugar adds calories, and these extra calories are stored in the body which turns into fat.

Let’s say, for example, that you eat low fat ice cream. You think you are “behaving” but here is why you are not. The ice cream you dish up has 2g of fat and 200 calories per serving.  “Great!” you think. But now look at the serving size: one-half cup. In your bowl you pack two big scoops,  figuring it’s low in fat so you can have a little more. Now you are ready to consume 8g fat and 800 calories.

But imagine eating ice cream with 9g of fat and 100 calories with a serving size of 1 cup. It’s more satisfying so you might not need the extra scoop. But if you do, you are still saving yourself 600 calories. Getting educated on the subject means you’ll be able to look at food product labels and understand what choices make sense to make.  

Moving onto fat. There is healthy fat and saturated unhealthy fat. The easiest way to spot bad fat is if the fat is solid at room temperature or if it’s not rancid after sitting in your cabinet for months. The fats you want to incorporate in your diet are the ones found in extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed flax seed oil, essential oils, raw nuts, avocado, and omega 3,6, and 9. Putting these fats in your diet will help you function right, stay energetic, and be satisfied with moderate eating habits.

Stick with foods that are as close to nature as possible, learn and love to cook, and find an exercise program that you enjoy. These three things will help you get on the right track

Rachel began studying exercise and nutrition after she graduated from AAMA with her massage certification. She has been practicing massage therapy and other techniques for 10 years. Rachel has her massage practice in Windy City Wellness, located in Wicker Park, and recently opened Bend Yoga and Movement Studio at 906 N Damen Avenue, where she holds workshops and provides nutritional guidance and fitness instruction. Contact Rachel at rachelmassage@comcast.net.