Talking Points February 10, 2014

1K Strong, 1K Loud Membership Drive Update:
44 new members since our membership drive started!

Celebrate Small Business Game Changers March 6 with SBAC,
MB Financial Bank and Land of Lincoln Health

SBAC voice grows stronger and louder as Governor proposes to significantly lower LLC filing fees in his State of the State Address!

  • The SBAC and our Coalition members have been working to pass legislation that would lower all LLC fees
  • After a great deal of education and outreach to our local legislators and the Governor’s office from all of our members in support of reducing these fees, we are excited to announce that the Governor proposed lowering SBAC filing fees from $500 to $39 and series LLC fees from $750 to $59 in his State of the State Address last week 
  • The SBAC and our Coalition will continue to support this legislation as it is debated in the Illinois House and Senate and will keep you posted on its progress

Join the SBAC and Jewish B2B February 26 for our Business Leaders Delegation Trip to Springfield

  • Continue the discussion with our state legislators on lowering LLC fees and economic development for the state, along with other issues that impact your small business 
  • Our one-day trip will include meetings with Department Chairs and State House and Senate leadership. Click here to see the day’s schedule.
  • Trip fee is $80, which includes the bus trip to Springfield and a dinner reception with two pickup/drop-off spots in Skokie and Chicago. Click here to purchase your ticket.