Two SBAC Bills Move Through Committee In Springfield

SBAC Founder and President, Elliot Richardson, was on hand in Springfield on March 20th to testify in support of two SBAC-backed bills under consideration.

First, the Sunrise Review Act (SB1756) unanimously passed the Licensed Activities Committee. This bill is a good first step in addressing occupational licensing reform. SB1756 would establish a system to investigate and review the necessity of new State regulation over a previously unregulated profession or occupation, providing a process to investigate what level of regulation is necessary in order to protect the public health, safety, or welfare. Moving forward, our hope is to include a more holistic approach and include reforms like: (1) stricter sunset reviews, taking into account economic impacts of licensing (2) creation of sunrise reviews for proposed occupational licenses (3) increase of vocational training in grade school public education (4) increased portability for workers looking to relocated to Illinois and (5) criminal justice reform.

Elliot was also in Springfield to advocate on behalf of the reauthorization of the Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit (SB1232), which received unanimous support on the subcommittee level and now goes before the full Revenue Committee for consideration. This bill authorizes $50 million in available tax credits for small businesses. Businesses under 50 employees would be eligible for a tax $2500 credit for each new job created. This popular tax credit expired in 2016 and needs to be renewed.

Legislative action continues to move at a fast pace in Springfield, so stay tune for more updates!