Energy Balancing Studio, LLC

We help people navigate stressful life events, and to make changes to begin living life on purpose and by design. A growing area of our practice, for example, is focused on working with healthcare providers and other solo practitioners. By increasing energetic protection, and developing “burnout immunity”, helping professionals are better equipped to stay healthy and passionate while doing the work they love. We believe heartfulness is as important as mindfulness. By integrating the two through unique services and workshops, we support individuals as they develop energetic balance, increase personal power, and grow their resilience, awareness, and abilities. Services are offered in person in Oak Park, over the phone, or at the workplace.

Journey To A Healthier You

My program is based on learning daily habits that help shape our health. Every person has a personal health coach who guides them through our self-learning system that teaches lifestyle and behavioral changes.  Have you ever had a BLAST attack? I help provide solutions to those too.   I also have healthy eating plans for anyone wanting to learn to eat healthier including a kick-start weight loss plan that is a safe, medically-based option.  It doesn’t matter if someone wants to lose 5 lbs. or 200 lbs., I have a full comprehensive program to support anyone including teens, nursing Moms, Diabetics and seniors.   I really work with clients on how to change how we think and feel about food, getting out of the yo-yo diet cycle and make lasting change.

Region: United States

Services: One on One coaching, nutritional plans, educational system that helps you work on triggers and behavior changes

Clean Air Illinois

Solution to Indoor Pollution.. residential, commercial, ambulances and hospitals

Region: US and all countries

Services: Air Purification from a single room to a standalone unit to induct systems

Address: 2413 W. Algonquin rd. #343, Algonquin, IL 60102

Cardiovascular Wellness Group

Cardiovascular Wellness Group was born through the need to address the #1 killer of men and women in this country, heart disease. We believe that by early detection through affordable screenings, education and proper supplementation we can provide true health care and not just disease management. We are on a mission to eliminate heart disease, one heart at a time!

Region: North America

Services: Non-Invasive Heart Rate Variability Screenings with FDA approved Class II medical device, Max Pulse, Educational Seminars related to heart disease prevention and high quality supplementation to care for your health.