Contact: Robin McGowan, Certified Health Coach


Phone: (630) 330-0836

My program is based on learning daily habits that help shape our health. Every person has a personal health coach who guides them through our self-learning system that teaches lifestyle and behavioral changes.  Have you ever had a BLAST attack? I help provide solutions to those too.   I also have healthy eating plans for anyone wanting to learn to eat healthier including a kick-start weight loss plan that is a safe, medically-based option.  It doesn’t matter if someone wants to lose 5 lbs. or 200 lbs., I have a full comprehensive program to support anyone including teens, nursing Moms, Diabetics and seniors.   I really work with clients on how to change how we think and feel about food, getting out of the yo-yo diet cycle and make lasting change.

Region: United States

Services: One on One coaching, nutritional plans, educational system that helps you work on triggers and behavior changes