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NRC Photos

We show these pictures as we document the blight impacting commercial corridors across Chicago and Cook County.  This is an ongoing process as more and more vacancies become prevalent throughout the city of Chicago.

If you live in Chicago or Cook County and you're experiencing mass vacancies and blight in your local communities, please send your photos to share to:

Thank you for helping us revitalize, empower and connect business districts!

Areas Represented Below


Jefferson Park

Stony Island


West Town

West Loop

79th Street

Englewood [Chicago, Illinois]

Jefferson Park [Chicago, Illinois]

Stony Island [Chicago, Illinois]

South Shore [Chicago, Illinois]

Uptown [Chicago, Illinois]

West Town [Chicago, Illinois]

West Loop [Chicago, Illinois]

79th Street [Chicago, Illinois]

Want to Learn More About Vacancies in Cook County?

Visit our resources page to learn more about issues like commercial vacancies and some of the latest news on neighborhood developments. We also include up to date information on our advocacy efforts!

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