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The Verity Group is a hybrid consultancy that provides technology and support services to law firms and corporations. We specialize in blending Information Technology with best practices in e-Discovery, paper discovery, knowledge management, and document review. As a legal service provider, we provide a seamless end-to-end solution to the discovery lifecycle.

To become a trusted advisor and partner for our clients, providing honest vendor-neutral consulting and legal services solutions that enable our clients to achieve success in litigation and all other critical legal activities.

Verity Group is a Chicago-based, legal technology company providing the full spectrum of eDiscovery and Managed Review services to law firms and corporate clients across the US. Verity Group seamlessly integrates legal hold, data identification & collection, eDiscovery processing, expert project management, data hosting, and managed review, all through a single source.

Verity Group operates with a vendor-neutral business model. We work with numerous leading technology companies. We also develop our own technology to provide the full spectrum of products and services to our law firm and corporate clients.  We identify your needs and work together to choose the proper technology for your situation.

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