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Elliot Richardson

Co-Founder & President

Elliot Richardson is the Co-Founder and President of the Small Business Advocacy Council, an organization laser-focused on advocating for the small business community.  The SBAC is dedicated to passing legislation and moving policy initiatives that will help small and local businesses thrive.  The SBAC works with numerous partners to provide the small business community a unified and strong voice to advocate on policies that impact the economy.

Elliot is a partner at the law firm Korey Richardson, LLP.  Elliot has also served as the Board Chair for Kids Above All, an organization focused on protecting, healing and educating children and families so they can build better lives.  Elliot remains on the Board of Directors.  Elliot also formally served on the board of Youth Conservation Corp., Youth Communications and the YMCA Alliance Board.  Additionally, Elliot formerly served on the Editorial Board of the Chicago Bar Association and on the Executive Committee of the Young Lawyers Section of the CBA.

Elliot received his law degree from the University of Dayton and received the University of Dayton School of Law Pro Bono Publico Service Award.  Elliot graduated from Bradley University with a degree in sociology and criminal justice, with a minor in history.


Scott Baskin

Retired President & CEO of Mark Shale
Chief Executive Officer

Scott Baskin retired as President and CEO of Mark Shale in 2011. Mark Shale was Chicago’s largest independent clothing retailer with stores in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, and St. Louis. Prior to his business career, Scott served as Chief Legislative Assistant to the late Congressman Abner Mikva.

In addition to his professional experience, Scott is an engaged community leader. He is a board member of Uptown United, an economic development organization serving Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. He was an elected member of the Northside College Prep High School Local Council and chair of its finance committee, and past treasurer of the Center for Law and Social Work. He is a graduate of Vassar College and Northwestern University School of Law.

Patti Zikmund, SBAC COO

Patti Zikmund-Roverud

Chief Operating Officer

Patti joined the SBAC Team in February 2020 as a part-time consultant while continuing her work at SBAC Empower as a Program Consultant. In June 2020, she was invited full-time to the SBAC as the Director of Membership and Communications.  In February 2021, she was asked to be the Chief Operating Officer which she gladly accepted.

Patti has a Bachelors in International Business, Marketing and French. She speaks French and German fluently while dabbling in several others.   Patti has built her career working with small businesses, start-up companies, and entrepreneurs helping them build internal and external communications as well as managing their business. Additionally, she is a certified DISC and Motivators Consultant.

Mark Revis Headshot

Mark V. Revis

Assistant Policy Director

Mark Revis is the Assistant Policy Director at the SBAC where he coordinates and helps develop and implement the SBAC's robust policy agenda. Fostering relationships with members and legislative decision-makers helps the SBAC further enhance the small business community.

Mark has a diverse working background ranging from the golf industry to political campaigns. In 2018, he worked on the Wedgewood Golf Course reconstruction project with the nation’s premier golf course builder – Wadsworth Golf Construction. In 2020, he worked on a tier 1 political campaign for an incumbent Illinois State Representative, edging out the opposition by a significant vote margin. In the era of COVID-19, Mark is committed to using his voice in the fight to improve the small business environment. Mark graduated in 2020 from Lewis University where he majored in Public Policy and minored in Finance.

Sara Headshot

Sara Everson

Marketing & Membership Assistant

Sara Everson joined the SBAC staff in August of 2021 as Marketing Assistant. In this role, Sara assists with marketing, event, and social media efforts at SBAC. Sara is a recent graduate of the University in Chicago where she received her B.A. in East Asian Languages and Civilizations.
Jake Martin

Jake Martin

Program Leader, Neighborhood Revitalization Coalition

Jake Martin joined the SBAC in January 2021 as a Public Policy Intern while working at the UChicago Center for Decision Research as a Research Assistant. During his time with the SBAC, Jake has worked on a variety of issues including vacant properties and ARPA funding allocation. Jake graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a B.A. in Political Science.  In October 2021, Jake was asked by the SBAC to head their Commercial Corridor Revitalization Program focused on engaging stakeholders to collectively advocate for policies and initiatives which can empower, revitalize, and connect commercial corridors.


Diego Roberts

Research Analyst

Diego Roberts began working with the SBAC as an intern in September of 2020 and joined the SBAC staff in August of 2021 as Intern Coordinator. Since that time, Diego has embarked on our Commerical Corridor Revitalization Project researching and formulating best policies that foster growth in commercial corridors.

Meet the SBAC Interns

Shamarie Jones, University of Chicago               Major: Applied Mathematics


Tanya Martinez, University of Chicago                Major: Public Policy,  Minor: Human Rights

Jahmiel Jackson, University of Chicago          Major: Law, Letters, Society


Patryk Pasek, University of Illinois at Springfield
Major: Political Science

Caitlin Barry, Loyola University Chicago            Major: Political Science and Economics


Tyler Jones, University of Chicago               Major: Economics and Environmental Science

Jonathan Wallk, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign                                                        Major: Economics

Cynthia Wojcik, Loyola University Chicago    Major: Political Science and Environmental Science

Join The SBAC Today

Joining the SBAC will give you the opportunity to immediately get engaged in our organization through the following offerings:

  • Advocacy efforts
  • Policy committees and subcommittees
  • Informational webinars and town halls
  • Networking events
  • And many more!

Do not miss out on your opportunity to work towards improving the small business environment in your community! We look forward to working with you!

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