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Advocacy Initiatives

The SBAC is laser focused on advocating for the Small Business Community and moving policies that help small businesses.

Toggle between the tabs below to view the individual components of the SBAC's advocacy agenda.


The SBAC is advocating for federal policies that will help the small business community through this pandemic.

Commercial Property - Crafting a congressional resolution that will ensure property owners get much need relief through the Main Street Lending program.


The SBAC has a unique ability to tap the bipartisan nature of the often hyper-partisan political environment in the Illinois State Capitol. The following items are state level initiatives the SBAC is prioritizing in Springfield.

Back to Business Grant Program - Illinois' new Back to Business grant program has $250 million available for small businesses still in need of relief. We are urging lawmakers to allocate additional funds to ensure that the state is not picking winners and losers and as many small businesses receive grants as possible. Fill out our Back to Business grant action call here.

The SBAC Small Business Package - The SBAC is working with legislative leadership in both houses of the Illinois General Assembly to craft a small business package. The package addresses common issues the typical small business owner face. Our full package can be viewed here.

R.I.S.E. Grant Program - The Recovery Initiative to Support Employment provides businesses of 50 employees or less a grant for retraining and hiring employees to work in their small business.

Occupational Licensing Reform - Our occupational licensing agenda focuses on 4 separate components: Guarding Against Unnecessary and Burdensome Licenses; Eliminating Unnecessary and Burdensome Licenses; Growing Illinois’ Workforce and Tax Base; Reduce Recidivism and Grow the Workforce.

Reduce Recidivism and Grow the Workforce – Returning Citizens - A grant program for business owners who hire individuals re-entering the workforce after a period spent in incarceration.

Funding for Intrastate Equity Crowdfunding Portal - A portal used to encourage local investment in main street businesses and commercial corridors throughout Illinois.

Funding for Local Chambers of Commerce - A grant program to provide grants for local chambers of commerce with less than 1500 members that can demonstrate a loss of revenue.

Funding For Small Commercial Property Owners and Multi-Family Unit Owners - We are advocating for ARPA funds to be used as grants to small multi-unit and small commercial property owners who face foreclosure without some form of targeted relief.

Property Tax Reform - A bipartisan platform with three separate bills: school district consolidation, government consolidation, and value based tax assessments.


The SBAC is also fighting for small businesses in the City of Chicago with our current Chicago Action Plan.

Vacant Property Reform and Commercial Corridor Revival- A series of proposals that attempt to reduce the number of vacant commercial spaces within the business corridors of Cook County.

Past Advocacy Wins

The SBAC has a successful track record of  member-driven, nonpartisan advocacy. Our advocacy efforts have had a positive impact on all kinds of small businesses. Examine our past wins from every level of government below.

Join the SBAC

As a member-driven organization, it is the everyday small business owner that makes our organization so impactful. Please consider joining our organization so the SBAC can directly advocate for your small business.

SBAC Policy Committee

The stakeholders involved with the SBAC Policy Committee have an inside track to the SBAC's evolving list of advocacy initiatives. Meeting bi-weekly, this group discusses all developments regarding emerging issues small businesses face, pending policy proposals, and existing legislation. Fill out the form below to get involved with our SBAC Policy Committee.

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