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Advocacy Initiatives

The SBAC is laser-focused on advocating for the Small Business Community and moving policies to help small businesses.

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The SBAC is advocating for federal policies that will help the small business community through this pandemic.

Business Interruption Insurance- Advocating for a bill that protects business owners from being denied legitimate business interruption claims.

Commercial Property - Crafting a proposal that will ensure property owners get much need relief through the Main Street Lending program.


The SBAC is advocating in the state of Illinois to assist the business community with the following initiatives.

R.I.S.E. Act - The Recovery Initiative to Support Employment provides businesses with a tax credit for retraining and hiring individuals who have lost their jobs or businesses.

BIG Legislation for Small Businesses - A program for new business owners who were left behind in prior efforts.

Minority Contracting Reform Ensuring African-American businesses are provided their fair share of state contracts.

Property Tax Reform - A bipartisan platform with three separate bills: school district consolidation, government consolidation, and value based tax assessments.

Occupational Licensing Reform - A bill that restricts the number of new occupational licenses that limit opportunities for people to begin a new profession in Illinois.

Independent Redistricting - Reforming the practice of partisan gerrymandering.

Electronic Voting - A bill that allows state lawmakers to vote on legislation virtually in times of crisis.


The SBAC is also fighting for small businesses in the City of Chicago with our current Chicago Action Plan.

Chicago's Cut Red Tape Agenda - An effort to eliminate City Council approval for public way use and public way sign sign permits, legalizing A-frame signs, and allowing fines to be paid online and via mail.

Home-Based Businesses - An ordinance that eliminates restrictions that prevent entrepreneurial residents from starting and operating H.B.B's.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) - Establishing brick-and-mortar financial institutions in disadvantaged communities.

Administrative Hearings - An initiative to curb the amount of cumbersome administrative hearings.

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