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SBAC Women in Business Present Part 2 – Racial Injustice

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Talking Candidly About Anti-Racism


What is My Role, My Business’ Role and the Greater Community’s Role?


On July 21st, the SBAC WIB held a very well-received virtual event on better understanding racial injustice. We heard from four engaging and prominent black and brown female panelists who candidly shared their perspectives on racial issues and how we can move forward. Now, it is your turn to speak.

On October 13th, we are creating a SAFE PLACE for all participants to ask questions, respectfully share their viewpoints and model how we hope discussions can take place in our families, in our businesses and in our communities. This is perhaps the most important next step in our support of racial justice.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to dig below the surface and join a group of women who are searching for answers and willing to share their ideas. All this, in a safe place where there is growth and no judgment through participation. If you have a burning question you want asked, please include this in your reservation or during the actual meeting.

You may register here.

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