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The Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) is gearing up for a crucial visit to the capital on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, as the legislative session commences in our state capital. Building upon the successes of the previous year, we are determined to make significant strides for small businesses in 2024.

Our state agenda for 2024 encompasses several key priorities:

  • Property Tax Relief: We aim to advocate for measures that provide much-needed relief in property taxes for small businesses.
  • Economic Incentives: We're pushing for the allocation of 50% of economic incentives to small businesses, fostering growth and sustainability within our entrepreneurial community.
  • Healthcare Cost Reduction: Addressing the soaring costs of healthcare, particularly in terms of excessive drug costs, is a focal point. Our efforts are directed toward reducing health insurance premiums for small business owners.
  • SAFER Communities Act: We are actively working towards the passage of the SAFER Communities Act, which is designed to offer resources to businesses hiring formerly incarcerated individuals. This initiative not only provides opportunities to returning citizens but also contributes to enhancing public safety and reducing recidivism rates.

This highlights some of the work we will be doing in Springfield this session. To learn more about our legislative agenda, visit our Advocacy Initiatives page on our website here.

The best way for the small business community to have a seat at the table is to be in the room! Look for updates from Springfield on our website and social media this Wednesday.

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