Dave Kunz And HS&A Payroll Services Join SBAC

November 19, 2010
The Small Business Advocacy Council is proud to announce Dave Kunz and Howard, Simon & Associates Payroll Services as one of our newest members.

Located at 304 Saunders Road in Riverwoods, IL, HS&A designs unique strategies to safeguard your financial security—strategies tailored to your company and yours alone. They build strong relationships to better anticipate your needs and implement proactive, customized solutions.

Their vision, expertise and integrity, coupled with their independent status have made them the industry’s premier source for comprehensive Retirement Plan Design, Administration and Payroll Solutions.

They proudly serve companies nationwide in every size and business class. A leader in creative Retirement Plan design since 1981, they created their Payroll Solutions Company with the same forward thinking, industry-leading technology and unparalleled performance. Maintaining compliance at every level, they minimize your tax burden with proven strategies to protect your employees and your bottom line.

To learn more about HS&A Payroll Services go to: http://www.hsimon.com/