Jose Melendez And SMI Agency Join The SBAC

Jose MelendezJose MelendezNovember 23, 2010
The SBAC is happy to announce the joining of one of its newest members, Jose Melendez and SMI Agency LLC. The Mission of SMI Agency is to work with clients in assessing the risks they face in their business and personal lives and developing insurance programs that deliver the best value.

The work to accomplish this by always putting the needs of the clients first with superior customer service, periodic reviews to evaluate changes and recommendations consistent with the needs of the client.

Prior to starting SMI Agency (founded in 2006), Jose Melendez Spent over 12 years in various leadership roles that consisted of strategic development, sales, service & operations management in the financial services area. Having most recently served as Vice President at Lasalle Bank/Bank of America in consumer retail banking, Melendez managed a portfolio of over $330 million in deposits, over 20,000 clients & a staff of up to 37 people. Mr. Melendez has also worked with companies such as Charter One Bank (AVP of a Regional Firm) and American General Finance a subsidiary of AIG.

Melendez’s current and past business, professional & community involvement has been with the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (member), Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce (Past President), Alliance of Latino & Jews (Board Member), East Village Youth Program (Advisory Board Member), ImmigrationPac (Founder & National Board Member) & Finally Mr Melendez serves on a Corporate board called Martingale National Insurance Company (subsidiary of Largest Insurance Co in Puerto Rico)