Joshua Black And Talk3 Join SBAC

January 11, 2011
The SBAC is happy to welcome the Director of Business Development for Talk3, Joshua Black, to the SBAC.

Talk3 is a venture funded company that is intent on changing the market as we know it. Their mission is to radically change how customers and marketers communicate and what they communicate about.

The Internet is shifting from a world of searching and sharing to a world of solving. The thousands of mobile applications, cloud-accessed data and the geometric growth of social and real-time content generation has placed an increasing burden on the Consumer. How does a Consumer manage this fragmented world in ways that deliver value? Marketers who are able to deliver solutions rather than just promote products or services will win in the world in which Consumers are looking for ways of solving their problems.

The key: empower Consumers to personalize and manage their own relevance.

The benefit to Consumers:

•control where and when to receive information, advice from others and offers from Brands

•access disparate web resources simply

•personalize the organization of content and offers for where and when they are most relevant

•exchange value so that relationships with Brands can be managed as desired

To learn more contact Joshua at (224) 515 6436 or at