Chicago Tribune Reports On Erica Crohn Minchella’s Founding Of Association Of Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

MinchellaMinchellaJanuary 25, 2011
The Chicago Tribune’s Mary Umberger recently reported on the current state of foreclosures and how it has moved SBAC member Erica Crohn Minchella to found the Association of Foreclosure Defense Attorneys.

The article, entitled “Foreclosure crisis gives rise to defense attorneys group,” highlights the founding of the group due to bank employees allegedly having processed foreclosure documents without exercising due diligence.

“Right after robo-signing broke, I realized that the law was going to change substantially, and that, as a solo practitioner, I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with the changes myself.” Minchella said.

So Michella founded the organization to discuss recent court decisions and share research on complex cases related to foreclosures.

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