SBAC In Crain’s Enterprise City Blog

January 26, 2011
SBAC President Elliot Richardson was recently published in Crain’s Enterprise City Blog. The article entitled, “Small-biz owners tap the power of critical mass,” focuses on how the SBAC has used it’s growth to help the businesses that are members.

“Small-business owners often feel like islands floating upstream against the current. Our profits and margins are increasingly hammered by the rising cost of health insurance.” Richardson said in the article. “We also lack the bargaining power larger companies enjoy when negotiating with vendors. The unfortunate choice: Pay higher prices or go without service and materials.

“There are real consequences when small businesses pay unreasonably high premiums for health insurance and their cost of doing business consistently increases. Companies downsize or close and folks lose their jobs. The Small Business Advocacy Council has a simple message for the owners of small businesses and their employees: It doesn’t have to be this way anymore. The time has come for small-business owners to band together, form a strong coalition and leverage their numbers.”

To read the complete article go to: Small-biz owners tap the power of critical mass