SBAC Member, Marcus Newman with GCG Financial, Would Like to Invite You to the Unlocking Success Forum!

Small Business Resource Group: Unlocking Success

February 1, 2012 at 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
GCG Financial, Bannockburn

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Own or manage a business with less than 250 employees?

Are You Interested In…
– Learning tips that will help you maximize your business’ potential…
– Hiring the right people for your growing business…
– Unlocking new ways to think about growing your business…

Unlocking Success – will help get you there.

The SBRG Small Business Chicago Education Series is designed for small business owners and operators!

– Breakfast Included!

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The SBRG Small Business Chicago Education Series has been designed to address the specific concerns and needs of businesses employing fewer than 250 employees. The Small Business Resource Group is committed to meeting the needs of all businesses, and recognizing that information, education, and training are important to the viability and long-term success of smaller businesses.

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