New Strategic Partner, Michael Shapiro with Dynamic Management Solutions, Offers Members Special Rate on his Entrepreneurs Group

SBAC members interested in participating in the Entrepreneurs Group – a facilitated peer support group providing goal-setting, accountability, and a board of trusted advisors – will receive $50.00 off of 3 months of membership. The discount will apply to the 1st, 3rd, and 6th months of membership, and will only apply to new members of an Entrepreneurs Group.

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Dynamic Solutions Entrepreneurs Group:

The Sorry State of Successful Entrepreneurs

It’s hard to believe successful businesspeople can be sorry about anything, but they frequently are. From our personal experience, there’s even a case to be made that the more successful you are in business, the more likely you are to be sorry:

• For being late
• For not responding to e-mails or returning calls
• For missing critical deadlines
• For being months behind with bookkeeping
• For the need to reschedule a meeting or call
• For the inability to take on a new project because you’re overwhelmed with current work

This list doesn’t include what may be the sorriest states of all: being constantly late for dinner, missing that soccer game, piano recital, glee club solo, or your kids being kids.

Some entrepreneurs know enough to be sorry or at least say they’re sorry. Others are clueless and/or hold strange or unrealistic beliefs; like there’s always a tomorrow or that time will expand based upon need. These entrepreneurs typically don’t feel anyone can master tasks the way they can, so they pile the burden on their own shoulders and slowly sink under the weight. They don’t delegate—they inundate and unfortunately, can’t extricate from the mire they’ve created.

Michael Gerber—creator of the E-Myth Mastery Program and a business coach I admire—believes you’re either working ON your business building scalable, replicable processes with the power to grow your business and increase success, or you’re working IN your business doing activities that only allow you to keep up. If you’re working IN your business you have a JOB, not a business—usually without benefits. You’re like a hamster running on a wheel, expending great sums of energy to just keep up.

Getting Off the Wheel Begins Here
So now we arrive at the question of the day and this article: does the sorry state of existence seem familiar to you? Are you on the treadmill without even the benefit of a cardio-vascular workout? Do you find yourself wrestling with and being pinned down by the following issues regularly?

• Time management
• Prioritization
• Delegation
• Knowing where your highest value of contribution lies
• Getting objective feedback
• Setting and achieving goals

If so, the encouraging news is that there is a much more pleasant state of existence out there and it would be our pleasure to help you discover or rediscover it. Join one of our dynamic Entrepreneurs’ Groups (E-Groups) beginning this January. Experience a warm refuge from the cold, isolated existence of your present, successful entrepreneurial world. Groups are being offered at two locations: downtown Chicago or Wheaton. Location is always important, but so is the destination we offer: a proven route to a calmer, peaceful, productive, balanced way of business life.

Our peer-to-peer groups last for 12 months, meet once a month and consist of 11 other entrepreneur advisors who will offer you candor, invaluable feedback and accountability for your goals. You return the favor. By becoming a member, you also benefit from a private, one-hour consultation with us once a month. We’ve worked with many entrepreneurs and not only offer advice based on years of experience; we’ve also been told that we provide a calming effect, which may help abate the storm within.

If you are interested in learning more about E-Group, please visit our Website at or call Michael Shapiro at 312-558-4700 or Mary Erlain at 630-768-1422.

We must add that enrollment in our groups is not completely open and we should have a discussion to see if the fit is right for you. We’re currently in our enrollment-for-January mode. Groups of 12 do fill up fast and both the Chicago and Wheaton groups are already half full (as opposed to half empty). We look forward to hearing from you.

You won’t be sorry you called.

Michael Shapiro, President
Dynamic Management Solutions

Mary Erlain, President
Peak MSI