SBAC Member Andrea Trovato of RonTro Enterprises Interviewed by The American Business Person

SBAC Member Andrea Trovato of RonTro Enterprises explains Business Challenges in a interview with The American Business Person. RonTro Enterprises, Inc. is a total metal fabrication job shop. They have been laser cutting and metal fabricating for 23 years, since 1989. They provide laser cutting services for both the industry and private business.

President Andrea Trovato of RonTro shares triumph, collapse and the current rebirth of the metal laser-cutting company which she and husband Ron built in 1999. Following a guilt-ridden scrutiny of her mistakes, Andrea has stopped blaming herself and knows that trouble stemmed from a global financial crisis. She switched her focus to hard work, building a good reputation, and smart business to rebuild the company and work which the Trovatos love. They have learned: secure partnership agreements and cut losses fast. They spend their time doing what they do well and hire experts for financial, legal, and markeating needs. Spending money on skilled marketing and public relations is key to success. Appreciation marketing distinguishes RonTro. The Trovatos appreciate the life lessons their three daughers have learned from RonTro’s ups and downs. Andrea says: don’t look back or over analyze, and believe in what you do. With hard work success will come.

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