SBAC Launches Wellness Newsletter!

Welcome to the first SBAC Wellness Newsletter!

As part of our efforts to provide you with information about self-care in January we encourage you to start making small changes in your daily routine now to help you reach your long-term goals. This first e-newsletter includes articles about nutrition and health, health care costs, and easy exercises that fit easily into most lifestyles. After you have had the opportunity to review the content below, we hope you will opt-into the SBAC Monthly Wellness Newsletter.

As the health care debate rages on, there seems two constants when it comes to health insurance: The insurance premiums of small businesses continue to rise and the majority of insurance company profits are made by increasing the rates for small/mid-market businesses. The SBAC and a strong coalition of business groups have fought hard to pass legislation permitting small business owners to come together and, through the power of critical mass, stabilize insurance premiums and bring transparency to the process. We ran out of time last legislative session but are back and determined to bring health insurance cooperatives to Illinois.

House Bill 3976
House Bill 3976 was recently filed in the Illinois House of Representatives. Supporters of a health insurance cooperative believe that last year’s legislation was perfectly acceptable, which is likely the reason it passed the House and was co-sponsored by 16 State Senators. However, in an effort to tackle some of the objections raised during the last legislative session, a new and improved bill has been filed. Representative Karen May has sponsored House Bill 3976 and Senator Kwame Raoul will be our Senate co-sponsor.

The SBAC has drafted a fact sheet that illustrates why cooperatives are needed and the way small business owners, and their employees, will benefit from cooperatives. Small business is the backbone of our economy and the time has come for us to have access to affordable health insurance.

Welcome to The SBAC Wellness Committee
As rising costs of healthcare have put many small businesses at a huge disadvantage, if not out of business, a need for better health care requires a greater focus on self-care. Wellness and healthy living will play a major role in reducing premiums in health insurance cooperatives. Hence, the SBAC is off to a running start and has developed a Wellness Subcommittee to focus on the need for self-care to improve members’ health and ultimately reduce health insurance costs.

The Wellness Subcommittee, led by Mark Beier, owner of Chicago Fit Club, includes:

• Ryan Holst, Alper Services
• Dr. Jeremy Bonsol, Aligned Modern Health
• Elizabeth Wallish, Dare 2 Care Now
• Iris Marreck, iris b. branding & communications
• Irina Fursman, Owner of Comfy Gourmet

One of the first initiatives of the Wellness Subcommittee is to issue this SBAC Wellness newsletter, published monthly, to provide useful information for members about nutrition, health and wellness. Overall, the Wellness Subcommittee has identified five strategic initiatives to help bring wellness to SBAC members which will be implemented throughout the upcoming year:

• Member Communication through Monthly Wellness Newsletters
• Discounted Health and Wellness Services offered by SBAC members through implementation of a Marketplace Website
• Focus on Healthy Restaurants for select SBAC weekly breakfast and lunch meetings to introduce healthy and tasty alternatives eating to SBAC members.
• Discounted Local Fitness Services and Memberships offered by SBAC members
• Health and Wellness Summit to bring together experts in the fields of health and wellness, insurance and healthcare, and provide SBAC members with an awesome one-day event to focused on self-care.

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