SBAC Advocacy Efforts Advance Health Care Cooperatives

As the health care debate rages on, there seem to be two constants with health insurance:

* The Insurance premiums of small businesses continue to rise; and
* The majority of insurance company profits are made by increasing rates on small and mid-market businesses

The SBAC and a strong coalition of business groups fought hard to pass legislation permitting small and mid-market business owners to come together and through the power of critical mass, stabilize insurance premiums and bring transparency to the process. We ran out of time last legislative session. This year, we are determined to bring health insurance cooperatives to Illinois.

Last year’s legislation was passed with strong bi-partisan support in the House and was co-sponsored by sixteen State Senators. However, in an effort to tackle some of the objections raised during the last legislative session, two new and improved bills have been filed, House Bill 3976 sponsored by Representative Karen May and Senate Bill 2885 sponsored by Senator Kwame Raoul.

Check out the Health Care Coop Fact Sheet (…) that illustrates why cooperatives are needed and how small business owners and their employees will benefit. Small business is the backbone of our economy and the time has come for us to have access to affordable health insurance.

To Read full bills:

House Bill 3976:…

Senate Bill 2885:…