New Webinar: Social vs. Financial Incentives – The Burning Question In Employee Wellness

FREE WELCOA webinar on Social vs. Financial Incentives on February 23 at 3pm Eastern. This could be a valuable resource for those looking to utilize incentives in their wellness programs. This Free Webinar is being put together by the Office of the Regional Health Administrator, Region – V
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Today 75% of large employers use financial incentives to encourage employee participation in wellness programs. But the jury’s still out on whether to focus rewards on participation or outcomes. And the lively debate continues about whether financial incentives for wellness really work or if social incentives provide the ultimate panacea.

On this free webinar we’ll explore the best research about the effect of social and financial incentives on health, discuss innovative ideas about how best to reward your employees for wellness, hear from several large employers about their incentives experience, and share ShapeUp’s own views on the burning question of social vs. financial incentives. Join this webinar to:

* Hear about the latest research on the impact of social and financial incentives on health
* Learn best practices for harnessing the power of social and financial incentives
* Discover how to maximize your current financial incentives investment
* Understand how your peers are currently leveraging incentives to promote employee wellness

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