Health Care Cooperatives to Become a Reality

After a powerful advocacy campaign was waged for more than a year by the SBAC to authorize health care cooperatives in Illinois, small businesses in Illinois will soon see health care coops become a reality.

Recently the Illinois Department of Insurance determined a self-insured cooperative could be formed under Illinois law, allowing small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete in the free market with large insurance companies that presently dominate health care. As a result, small business will see greater control, increased transparency, and more competitive health care costs.    

Subsequently, the SBAC and the Coalition for Cooperatives have partnered with Simple HX, a company comprised of highly-skilled professionals from throughout the country, to build and populate a health insurance cooperative. Simple HX has brought other cooperatives to fruition, and is prepared to do the same in Illinois to stabilize premiums and bring transparency to the process. To do this, the group will focus on patient-centered care, wellness, sound management, advanced technology and a non-profit approach.

Additionally, Simple HX has formed a board of directors with three seats allocated to the SBAC and to SBAC partners, Horton Horton Insurance Group and Allied Benefits Systems Inc. 

Next Simple HX must complete a grant application by June to get the cooperative off the ground. In order to accomplish this, they will need letters of support and interest in joining the cooperative from SBAC and Coalition for Cooperative members. Stay tuned for more information about how you can help with this initiative. 

Special thanks to the members for the Coalition for Cooperatives who joined the SBAC in support of health care cooperatives:

  • The GOA
  • Aurora Chamber of Commerce
  • The Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce
  • The Skokie Chamber
  • The Highland Park Chamber
  • The Quad Cities Chamber
  • The Lincoln Park Chamber
  • The Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago
  • Illinois PIRG
  • Jewish B2B Networking
  • The Big Ooga
  • The Batavia Chamber of Commerce
  • The Lake County Chamber of Commerce
  • eWomenNetwork Chicagoland
  • The Western Dupage Chamber
  • The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce
  • The Uptown Chamber of Commerce
  • The Riverbend Growth Association
  • Local First Chicago
  • The Hanover Park Chamber of Commerce
  • Effingham County Chamber of Commerce
  • SBAC