Save up to 30% on energy costs with the help of Op2mize Energy

Save up to 30% on energy costs with the help of Op2mize Energy

At Op2mize Energy, we provide strategic electricity and natural gas procurement solutions to users and owners of commercial real estate. By guiding you through this rapidly evolving opportunity in deregulated markets, Op2mize Energy can significantly reduce what you spend on energy while helping you mitigate market risk. Typical suppliers are trying to sell you their products with the highest margins on their terms. That may not be the best strategy for your business. Op2mize is your energy advocate and works to implement the strategy, timing and terms that work best for you. And the best part is that our services require no out of pocket fees to you.

Op2mize Energy is offering market dependent savings, which, in the past twelve months, have averaged at 30% to SBAC members! They will also be providing the SBAC with a 10% rebate on all transactions generated through our organization.

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