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Dale Carnegie’s expertise is in providing practical tools that enable leaders and their teams to do their best work -both personally and through others.  We are excited to partner with SBAC to offer Dale Carnegie Training at a discount while providing SBAC additional income from this partnership.

Dale Carnegie Chicago will discount (see chart below for discount schedule) our selected training to SBAC members (virtual and in-person) and will share the revenue generated with the SBAC!!

Ask us about how as an SBAC member you can receive a discount of up to 20% on individual or company training programs.

Karen Kimsey-Sward, COO of Dale Carnegie Chicago


Professional Training from the Best in the Business

For over 100 years, Dale Carnegie’s expertise is in providing practical tools that enable people to do their best work -both personally and through others. We’ll create learning experiences that are unique to your people and provide practical tools that they can apply to generate results. Our facilitators excel in live-online and in-person settings, creating interactive and safe learning environments where participants feel comfortable trying new approaches and receiving coaching that accelerates their progress.

Dale Carnegie has an extensive collection of intellectual property, including programs that are delivered in-person and virtually. Our configurable curriculum models enhance flexibility in delivering highly customizable training solutions that maintain a consistent look and feel. This configurability presents a great opportunity to target customer needs, add measurable value, increase satisfaction and impact key business issues. This will enable us to customize engagements, so they align with your culture, existing offerings and framework

We will offer SBAC members a discount of 20% on customized in-house training.

Custom Offerings

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