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SBAC Email to Alders on Red Tape

Dear Alderman/Alderwoman ___________:

Small businesses drive the Chicago economy and play a crucial role in supporting local communities. Small businesses create jobs and foster economic development in neighborhoods throughout the city. Burdensome and antiquated red tape, however, prevent many entrepreneurs from opening their businesses in a timely manner. This red tape also hinders the ability of small business owners to expand and thrive.

We are excited to share a proactive, common-sense agenda focused on cutting red tape, which has been endorsed by a large number of Chicago chambers and place-based organizations. Click here to read the agenda! The agenda includes:

  • Streamlining special use zoning requirements
  • Making process improvements and requiring inspections to be done in a consistent and timely fashion
  • Eliminating far reaching debt checks and expediting the process
  • Establishing that all license denials explain the legal standard applicants failed to meet in writing.
  • Establishing policies that foster better communication between various departments and small businesses.

These reforms will allow entrepreneurs to navigate red tape in a faster manner and reduce the costs associated with starting or expanding a business in Chicago.

We ask that you endorse this agenda, and work with us to move it forward in an expeditious manner. By reducing red tape for Chicago small businesses, policymakers can support local businesses, create jobs, and revitalize neighborhoods throughout Chicago.

Thank you for your consideration.


Elliot Richardson
President & Co-Founder
Small Business Advocacy Council 
Office: (312) 548-8608

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