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On April 26, 2023, the SBAC went to Springfield where we actively pushed our 2023 Agenda. The  SBAC is laser-focused on formulating and fighting to pass policies that support small businesses and local communities. The Procurement Bidding Reform, Transparency Bill for Government Contracts, Vacancy Fraud Act, Safer Communities & Small Business Act, and The Health Care Consumer and Small Business Affordability and Transparency Act should be prioritized.

The small business community has an oversized voice when we work together. Let’s make this happen!

Download the attendee packet below.

We know supporting local small businesses shows you care about the community in which you live. It's no secret that small businesses unite the community. And the SBAC’s non-partisan advocacy work continues to shape local, state and federal legislation for small businesses. We could not do the work that we do and succeed without the support of people like you, who know that small businesses are the heart and souls of our communities. Help us build a better business environment for small businesses in Illinois. Help us help YOU!

Springfield Apr 2023

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