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SBAC Action Call – Urge Chicago Aldermen to Cut Unnecessary Red Tape

Urge Chicago Aldermen to Cut Unnecessary Red Tape!

Chicago politicians must put small businesses and Chicago’s economic recovery over politics. There has never been a more important time for policymakers to work together to cut unnecessary red tape that hurts small businesses and local communities.

Small businesses presently need Chicago’s City Council to approve their sign permits. That means Chicago’s City Council must pass a specific ordinance granting a particular small business a sign or other public way use permit. Aldermen miles away from a storefront must vote on a sign in a different ward. This nonsensical requirement often causes unreasonable delays for local businesses trying to display a simple sign. The City indicates it can presently take 150 days - approximately five months - to obtain a sign or public way use permit.

Small businesses rely on signs to establish a presence in their neighborhoods and drive commerce from local patrons. Article VII of the Chi Biz Strong ordinance ensures that local aldermen can object to a sign in their ward but eliminates the requirement that Chicago’s full City Council approve a sign permit.


Please take a moment and urge your Alderman to support Article VII of the Chi Biz Strong ordinance by filling out the form below. Together we can make our voices heard!

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