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SBAC Advocacy Update: Health Insurance, Government Contracts & Outdoor Dining

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Illinois legislators concluded their regular session. We are excited to report there were some big wins for the small business community!

Health Insurance

Many small businesses are struggling to afford the cost of health insurance. The Illinois General Assembly passed legislation focused on protecting small businesses from excessive premium increases and enhancing transparency so that consumers can understand the cost drivers of health insurance. Read more here: Health Insurance One-Pager

Transparency for Government Contracts

Two pieces of legislation were passed that will increase transparency for small, minority, and women-owned businesses attempting to obtain government contracts. Learn more here: Transparency for Government Contracts One-Pager and Small Businesses Seeking State Contracts One-Pager 

Outdoor Dining in Chicago

A Chicago ordinance was passed that expands and maximizes outdoor dining in Chicago. Under the new ordinance, restaurants will have more flexibility in utilizing sidewalks, parkways, and parking areas, for outdoor dining purposes. Additionally, temporary road closures may be permitted so patrons can comfortably dine and socialize. 

People love to eat outside in Chicago! Passing this ordinance is great news for restaurants, neighborhood business districts, and local communities. 

Please reach out to Emma at to learn more about our efforts to support the small business community.

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