Big Win For Chicago Home-Based Businesses

Many incredibly successful businesses, including Google, Yankee Candle Company and Harley Davidson were launched in their founders’ home or garage.  Through their success, these businesses have created a tremendous number of jobs and sparked local economies.

On Wednesday, February 22, the Chicago City Council based an ordinance making it easier for entrepreneurs to start and grow a home based business.  Here are some of the important reforms included in the ordinance:


Business Owners Can Sell Products Made in the Home in Retail Stores

Products made by entrepreneurs at their home can now be sold at retail stores.


Hiring Additional Employees

Business owners can now hire more than one employee as long as they do not spend more than three consecutive hours at the home-based business per day.


Reduction in Inspection by multiple departments 

City inspections have been consolidated for home-based businesses.


Use of Garage and Storage Units

Home-based businesses can now use portions of their garages and accessory buildings to store “incidental, non-hazardous” materials.

Easing the burden of owning and operating a home-based business in a safe and responsible manner is a step forward for the Chicago business community.  The SBAC will continue pushing for more reforms to empower Chicago’s small business community.

Please contact Advocacy Director Ryan Tolley at with any additional questions about the ordinance.