New York Times Outlines President’s “Three Point Agenda” For Small Business

June 28, 2010
Here is an update on the status of President Obama’s small business agenda. In this New York Times article, Robb Mandelbaum outlines Mr. Obama’s “three point agenda” for rejuvenating small business and talks about the probability that Congress can gain consensus on these issues.

According to Mandelbaum’s story, “In a series of speeches, Mr. Obama has outlined a three-point agenda for rejuvenating small business. First, he sought to increase the size of loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration and to open S.B.A. loans normally used for new real estate projects to refinancing existing commercial mortgages.

“Second, because local community banks are responsible for much of the lending to small firms, he proposed using the Troubled Asset Relief Program to lend money to small banks that could in turn be reloaned to small businesses. And the president suggested further tax cuts and other incentives specifically aimed at the small companies.”

This article reinforces the fact that the only way to move our agenda forward, is by letting Congress know we are watching and taking notes.

To read the complete article please go to: Will Obama’s Small-Business Agenda Survive Congress?