SBAC Welcomes New Member Kenneth Asberry And Patient Reformers,LLC

June 9th, 2011
The SBAC is happy to welcome new member Kenneth Asberry and Patient Reformers, LLC.

Patient Reformers is a patient advocacy firm that helps employers, patients and their families navigate through the healthcare system. They are an independent advocate group that does not accept funding or support from drug companies, hospitals, or insurance companies.

How they can help:

* Patient Financial Counselor
* Health Research
* Health Promotion
* Health Insurance Analyst
* Corporate Wellness
* Employer Benefits Facilitator
* Health Care Presentations
* Managing Health Care Plans
* Audit Hospital Bills against Medical Records
* Prepare Medical Records for Tax Purposes
* Open enrollment Counselor
* Protect against Fraud & much more

Patient Reformers Mission:

Patient Reformers patient Advocates & Health Consultants work on the behalf of the public and employers with support, guidance and information to make the health care system work for all its recipients, while promoting the rights of the patients & employers to receive competent, safe and high quality healthcare in spite of their socio-economic status.

To learn more go to or contact Kenneth directly at (773) 437-3908 or