2018 Advocacy Initiatives

SBAC is the voice of small business and your support is key to our success. Our non-partisan advocacy agenda focuses on initiatives to promote a functional government, level the playing field for small businesses and economic development.


Marketplace Fairness Act/Remote Transaction Parity Act

The Marketplace Fairness Act and its companion legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives, The Remote Transaction Parity Act, grants states the authority to compel online and catalog retailers, no matter where they are located, to collect sales tax at the time of a transaction – exactly like local  retailers are already
required to do.

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Protecting Net Neutrality

Over the past two decades, the internet has changed the way consumers communicate, access information, and participate in the economy. Just as consumer behavior is evolving, technology is also creating new opportunities and challenges by changing the way businesses engage with customers.

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SBAC 2018 State Legislative Agenda

Term Limits on Leadership

The SBAC urges legislators to support limiting a person’s total service in the offices
of Speaker and Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, and President and
Minority Leader of the Senate. Reform is important to ensure that no individual
accumulates too much power or influence over our state.

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Workers’ Compensation

The high cost of procuring workers’ compensation insurance hurts the small
business community and curtails the growth of Illinois businesses. The manner
by which Illinois handles causation is one of the reasons for Illinois’ high workers’
compensation premiums.

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Establish Local Regulatory Control and Promote Economic Growth

Under Illinois state law, a liquor license cannot be issued when an establishment
is within 100 feet of a church or place of worship. Every community is unique
and faces different challenges, therefore, SBAC supports giving local government’s
discretion over this standard.

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Redistricting Reform

The SBAC is proud to be a member of the Illinois Redistricting Collaborative, a non-partisan coalition of organizations seeking to implement an independent commission to draw representational districts for state elected officials. This effort is focused on making this change through a constitutional amendment through legislation.

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Pension Reform

Illinois’ public pension system ranks among the worst-funded in the country and is $111 billion in the red. This strains the economy, contributes to downgrades of Illinois’ credit and stokes fears over the fiscal health of the state.  A meaningful reduction in our pension liabilities is critical to stabilizing the state’s finances, help restore the business community’s confidence and redirect revenue to important state services.

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Small Business Job Creation Act

Illinois small businesses employed 2.4 million people, or 46.4% of the private workforce in 2013. Encouraging job growth to our state’s largest economic contributor is vital to ensure economic growth in the state. Under the Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit Act, employers under 50 employees qualify for a tax credit for each new job created encouraging small businesses to create jobs however that act did sunset. While a few extension were filed during the 100th General Assembly none passed this year. We encourage Springfield to bring back this widely usage program.

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Chicago’s economy is fueled by small and local businesses. They are the engines of economic growth and job creation, and are integral parts of our local communities. Therefore, eliminating barriers that make it difficult to start and operate a business is crucial. Creating an environment where small businesses and entrepreneurs can thrive will support communities throughout the City. The following recommendations are proposed by the Small Business Advocacy Council and a city-wide coalition of chambers, civic, and trade associations.

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