Advocacy Initiatives

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City of Chicago Issues

Chicago Small Business Reforms Package


Chicago’s economy is fueled by small and local businesses. They are the engines of economic growth and job creation, and are integral parts of our local communities. Therefore, eliminating barriers that make it difficult to start and operate a business is crucial. Creating an environment where small businesses and entrepreneurs can thrive will support communities throughout the City.

The following recommendations are proposed by the Small Business Advocacy Council and a city-wide coalition of chambers, civic, and trade associations. Learn more

State Issues

Click here for our state legislative agenda.


Illinois Budget Impasse

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Our politicians will not pass a budget, balance the books or enact the reforms needed to strengthen Illinois’ economy. Illinois also is sitting on about $7 billion in unpaid bills, and that amount will grow to $10 billion to $12 billion by June 30, the end of fiscal year 2016 if action isn’t taken.  Learn more



Term Limits on Leadership

The SBAC urges legislators to support limiting a person’s total service in the offices of Speaker of the House of Representatives, President of the Senate, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives and Minority Leader of the Senate. Reform is important to ensure that no individual accumulates too much power or influence over our state’s government. Learn more


Lowering LLC Fees


The fees associated with filing and operating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Illinois are among the highest in the nation and substantially higher than the state’s corporation fees. The SBAC supports legislation lowering LLC fees to match corporation fees. Learn more


Allow full-service restaurants that are within 100 ft. of church to sell alcohol

restaurantUnder State law, a liquor license cannot be issued when a licensee is within 100 feet of a church or place of worship. Every community is unique and faces different challenges, therefore, SBAC supports giving local governments discretion over this standard. Learn More


Workers’ Compensation


The high cost of procuring workers’ compensation insurance hurts the small business community and curtails the growth of Illinois businesses. The manner by which Illinois handles causation is one of the reasons for Illinois’ high workers’ compensation premiums. Learn more


Pension Reform


Illinois’ public pension system ranks among the worst-funded in the country and is $111 billion in the red. This strains the economy, contributes to downgrades of Illinois’ credit and stokes fears over the fiscal health of the state. Far too much revenue goes to pension costs. A meaningful reduction in our pension liabilities will stabilize the state’s finances, help restore the business community’s confidence and redirect revenue to important state services. Learn more

Federal Issues

Protecting Net Neutrality

Over the past two decades, the internet has changed the way consumers communicate, access information, and participate in the economy. Just as consumer behavior is evolving, technology is also creating new opportunities and challenges by changing the way businesses engage with customers.

As a result, traditional businesses and their trade associations have an important role to play in technology policy – and a strong, politically potent voice given the presence of retailers, grocers, realtors, banks, restaurants, and other types of businesses in nearly every city, county, and town in the U.S. Learn more

Small Business Tax Compliance Relief Act

DC 2015.1 smallThe SBAC is working with Senator David Vitter, Chairman of the U.S. Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, on the Small Business Tax Compliance Relief Act. Learn more



Remote Transaction Parity Act

The Remote Transaction Parity Act grants states the authority to compel online and catalog retailers, no matter where they are located, to collect sales tax at the time of a transaction – exactly like local retailers are already required to do. Learn more



Permanency Section 179 Expensing

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Section 179 allows a small business to deduct the costs of assets acquired for business use as expenses in the year they purchased the assets, instead of requiring them to be capitalized and depreciated. Learn more



Past Initiatives

 Streamlining Chicago’s Sign Permitting Process

signs of change logo smallOftentimes, a small business’ first step when opening for business is to hang a sign letting customers and neighbors know about the new addition to the local economy. Unfortunately, this initial step is slow, costly, and confusing in Chicago. Learn more


Bringing Intrastate Equity Crowdfunding to Illinois

Intrastate Equity Crowdfunding Press Conf. Photo small

Small businesses and start-ups play a vital role in Illinois’ economy – fostering innovation and creating new jobs. Yet, critical capital gaps continue to be a problem for these job creators. A new channel to access capital, which not only encourages local investment, but also empowers communities exists through intrastate crowdfunding. Learn more


EDGE Tax Credit Program Review                                                                                                      

While the stedge.tax_.credits.kanderson_0.thumbnailate faces huge budget challenges and small businesses pay their fair share of taxes, select corporations receive large tax breaks through EDGE, negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The SBAC supports efforts for an Auditor General program review so it is determine once and for all whether EDGE tax breaks are a good investment of taxpayer dollars. Learn more


Unemployment Insurance Reform


Illinois has the 11th most expensive State Unemployment Insurance tax in the nation for new employers. The three proposals will bring Illinois closer to national trends and level the playing field for new and established businesses in the state. Learn more


Independent Map Amendment

IL Map

Independent Maps is a non-partisan statewide coalition supporting the petition campaign to place the Independent Map Amendment before voters in November 2016. The Independent Map Amendment would remove partisan consideration from map-making and make map-making public and transparent. Notably, this initiative is supported by organizations of all political persuasions. Learn more




Setting aside a 10% State Procurement for Small Businesses

people.meeting.thumbnailOn August 12th, 2011, Gov. Quinn signed House Bill 3186 into law. The SBAC-inspired law ensures that at least 10% of the total dollar amount of State procurement contracts will be set as a goal to be awarded to small businesses. Learn more